Greetings from Director of CHEGA

Tatsuo Kawashima

I would like to thank you for visiitng the website of the Center for the Study of Higher Education and Global Admissions.

CHEGA, the Center for the Study of Higher Education and Global Admissions, was established in June of 2016. Though our newly established center is not so large, we have a very important role to play at Osaka University. Osaka University prides itself in selecting and admitting diverse, brilliant students from within Japan and overseas, offering world-class education on par with global educational standards, and nurturing globally competitive individuals. Our mission at CHEGA is to support Osaka University through perpetual education and admission reforms.

At the same time, we also strive to share the knowledge and skills gained from admission and education reforms with those at Osaka University, and our partners in Japan and overseas. In order to achieve our goals, it is essential for us to receive support and guidance internally from Osaka University, as well as externally, from our many education partners domestic and international. We welcome any and all advice in order to build a better future.

June 2016
Tatsuo Kawashima Director of CHEGA

Our ultimate goal is to improve the admissions process for a diverse student population
develop an infrastructure for diverse learning

CHEGA Vision

Conduct empirical research to promote education and admission reforms

CHEGA was established on June 1st, 2016, by merging and reorganizing the former Institute for Academic Initiatives Education Reform Team and the former Global Admissions Office. Along with assuming previous responsibilities of traditional educational reforms and implementing the Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded International Students Living Overseas, we acquired the additional task of conducting university admissions research and reform. Our center is committed to a project called the “Globally Admired Osaka University Applicants Selection Improving System” (2016 – 2022). The scope of our project is to provide complete solutions to common challenges colleges and universities face, as well as contribute to the shift of the admissions review process to a holistic approach.

As a hub organization for educational and admission reforms, each division will be involved in activities aimed towards enhancing high school and university connections in Japan, as well as developing the overall quality of university education.

Introduction of CHEGA Team and its Mission

Education Reform Team

  • Work toward achieving mid-term goals and mid-term plans on educational activities at Osaka University
  • Establish an internal quality assurance cycle for education to maintain global standards of education
  • Strengthen educational frameworks to promote learner-centered learning

Global Admissions

  • Implement the Special Entrance Examination for Privately-Funded International Students Living Overseas
  • Examine the international student selection process

Admissions Reform

  • Develop a holistic admissions review process
  • Review the validity of Osaka University’s admissions policy for undergraduate schools/faculty and improve the student selection process
  • Train admissions professionals
  • Develop a database of high schools for fair admission reviews
  • Develop the web system

High School Connections

  • Offer events to connect high schools and universities
  • Collaborate with Boards of Education and organize events together
  • Organize events in cooperation with related departments at Osaka University
  • Provide seminars to high school teachers to improve teaching strategies for inquiry-based learning


Director & Professor
Associate Director & Professor
  Kouichi FUKASE (Graduate School of Science)
  Shuichi SHINDO (Graduate School of Language and Culture)
Specially Appointed Professor
  Jim RAWLINS (Cross Appointment with University of Oregon)
Specially Appointed Professor
  Susan ALBERTINE (Cross Appointment with AAC&U)
Associate Professor
  Yukiko ABE(Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences)
Associate Professor
  Yuichiro WAJIMA
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
  Chihiro TAGAWA
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
  Kenji INOUE
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
  Hong Gun KIM
Specially Appointed Researcher
  Hiroko OHTOMO

Administrative Staff(Admission Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs, Administration Bureau)

Assistant Head
  Masashi TANAKA
  Hiroyuki MORI
Administrative Employee
Administrative Employee
Administrative Employee
  Yoshimi MORITA
Administrative Employee

Organizational Structure

Center for the Study of Higher Education and Global Admissions(CHEGA)