7th Head Seminar in Tokyo

Envisioning Admissions and College Learning: Sharing Ideas with the U.S.

Event Date:Friday, November 17, 2017

Kasumigaseki Knowledge Square (Kasumigaseki Chiyoda, Tokyo)

Target Participant:Those involving college admissions and education (Max. 100 people)
Registration:Registration is necessary beforehand.
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Registration Deadline:November 10th, 2017


      Current college admission reforms are a significant process enhancing high school and university connections as well as developing overall quality of university education in Japan. Recently, universities have been required to shift their college admissions practices to a holistic review approach, which assesses not only academic achievements, but also students’ backgrounds, personal experience and potential.  Reforming college admissions raises questions about how college education itself can be reformed in response to changing admissions practices.

      This seminar with a researcher from the U.S., Prof. Susan Albertine, offers the audience an opportunity for those involved with college admissions and education to sit together, discuss, and find collaborative solutions to reforming college admissions and education.

    Program Contents
    (Japanese-English Simultaneous Interpretation)

    15:00~15:05 Opening Remarks
    15:05~15:35 “ Why do we need to transform high school education
                                and university connections now?”
                               (Prof. Tatsuo KAWASHIMA  CHEGA, Osaka University)
    15:35~16:05 ” What college admission data and student experience
                                data tell you?“
                                (Associate Prof. Yuichiro WAJIMA
                                 CHEGA, Osaka University)
    16:05~16:45 “The Values of Collaboration: Examples in Practices
                               from the U.S.”
                               (Susan ALBERTINE   AAC&U /
                                Prof. at CHEGA, Osaka University)
    16:45~17:00 Break
    17:00~17:45 Panel Discussion
    17:45~17:50 Closing Remarks

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