“Exploring how colleges / universities can become ready for students: From both perspectives of college admissions and higher education”

Event Date:Tuesday, June 25, 2019

CoMIT Building, Osaka University Suita Campus

Target Participant:Those who are involved with college admissions and college learning
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Registration Deadline:June 17, 2019

Jim Rawlins
Assistant Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management and Director of the Office of Admissions at University of Oregon / Professor at Osaka University

Susan Albertine
Senior Scholar at AAC&U / Professor at Osaka University


13:00-13:05 Opening Remark

13:05-13:35 Lecture 1
“Becoming a College-Ready Applicant: How to Prepare and Select Students” 
Lecture by Prof. Jim Rawlins

13:35-14:05 Lecture 2
“Becoming a Student-Ready College: Connecting Admissions and Student Success”
Lecture by Prof. Susan Albertine

14:05-14:15 Break

14:15-15:30 Discussion
– 14:15-14:30 Session Review
 by Prof. Tatsuo Kawashima (Director of CHEGA, Osaka University)
– 14:30-15:20 Group Work
“Mapping the connection between college admissions and
student success in college”
– 15:20-15:30 Reflection

15:30 Closing Remark

Language Use: Japanese and English, Simultaneous interpretation

  • Seminar

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Admissions practices are currently undergoing drastic reforms coinciding with reforms in high school and college learning. These reforms have impacted how and what to assess in the applicant selection processes, which brings colleges more diverse student bodies and more different ways of learning. Colleges and universities are selecting students holistically considering both academic and personal experience as well as creating learning environments for students to succeed in college. This seminar offers participants an opportunity to pose and discuss the following questions surrounding the connection between college admissions and higher education with Professor Jim Rawlins as an admission specialist and Professor Susan Albertine as an academic leader: how colleges make admission decisions, how colleges/universities can create learning environments for diverse students to succeed in college, what “student success” means for participants’ institutions, how institutions measure the success, how admission decisions are linked with student success, and how colleges/universities can become ready for a changing student body.


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